East West Innovation Research Institute

Bringing two sides of the world together

Collaborate and upgrade the knowledge and skills of the world's workforce so it may manage challenges and catalyse greater innovation resulting in higher productivity and improve quality of life.


Innovation is transforming of life

Technology advancement is rapidly changing the pace of life. New discoveries will forever alter the way we view the world. How cities are built, the use of fossil fuels is managed, food is grown and how people commute is already starting to transform the patterns of our lives. The next decade will see enormous changes in the way we live our lives and, in the distant future we can even be certain that the blind will see, the deaf will hear and the disabled will walk.

However, in many places the way we work still remains entrenched in last century practices. This means the changes that are looming in the horizon will drastically impact those nations that are not prepared for a complete transformation of their economies.

Empowering professional policy implementers to manage tomorrow challenges

Industry professionals as well as those in government middle management need to know how new trends can impact the ability of industry to compete in the global marketplace and what needs to be done to mitigate any damage that may accrue.

Linkbridges are now needed to assist in upskilling the workforce so they may manage challenges that arise as a result of new trends impacting industry and society. The East West Innovation Research Institute was established with the primary aim to provide the vital connection for collaborations that upgrade knowledge and skills in the workforce of both sides of the world.

Strategically located, well-equipped & well connected

Being located at Piccadilly, London, East West Innovation Research Institute is centrally located to connect with well-known institutions and government bodies to facilitate workshops for professional training.

The Institute is well-equipped to support business conferences, forums, meetings and conventions. We specialise in the provision of customised and client-focused training to help entrepreneurs and government officers understand the changing dynamics and market potential affecting industry and their products. We can facilitate exchanges and dialogue with the right parties to enable invaluable knowledge transfer regarding innovation trends, markets, economics and politics of particular regions or countries. Essentially we will be able to transform the information overload into sharply focused and highly useable market intelligence.

A Think Tank to spur innovation

Innovation is about adding value in order to progress and grow an organization so it may achieve its set objectives. Innovation is an ongoing, continuous process that requires both people management as well as process enhancement. Both public and private sector entities worldwide will not have the time or the resources to manage the change that is required of every organization.

East West Innovation Research Institute operates as a Think Tank to initiate new thinking that will help organisations increase their abilities to manage innovation.

The Institute serves as an innovation resource base able to perform the following:

  • Initiate R&D preliminary studies to identify gaps and structure the way forward
  • Assist governments for specific research assistance
  • Access relevant expertise globally
  • Organize high profiled international conferences, workshops on innovation
  • Conduct professional training in innovation-related fields

The Institute will achieve its outcomes through joint collaboration with academics, industry leaders and professionals who have intellectual standing related to innovation and innovation strategies.

Our Mission

To build upon our innovation connectivity in the field of higher education to enable the generation of ideas and create the structures that will facilitate innovative change and growth in the economies of developing countries. Above all, we aim to inspire people with the belief that they can be innovators for change, that they can make a difference to their countries and to the world.

We held the inaugural Master Class on 'Innovative & Creative Leadership in Higher Education' on 12 September 2013.

Our Patrons

YB Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin

Minister of Higher Education, Malaysia

The establishment of East West Innovation Research Institute by Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is to be applauded for providing the vital linkbridge that connects Malaysian and foreign experts. At a time when the world is moving rapidly ahead, stakeholders in both industry and government need avenues where they are able to understand the new challenges that will impact their areas of work.

The Institute, with its strategic location in the heart of London is a perfect place to provide the exposure and learning people need as they advance in their careers. I am particularly pleased to see endeavours by institutions of higher education that take learning to new levels that benefit people and this Institute aims to provide the environment for professionals to stay alert to new developments. I hope those representing both the industry and government will avail themselves to this new avenue to strengthen their knowledge and improve their skills, which in the long run will create a workforce that will fulfill the government's aspirations of becoming a high income economy, in line with our Vision 2020.

An Excellent and timely introduction to bridge gaps in innovation

It is my expectation that East West Innovation Research Institute will serve as a guide to help prepare our workforce for tomorrow's challenges. Thank you and congratulations once again for your strong commitment to building up future dynamic Malaysian workforce. My warmest congratulations to Limkokwing University for its continued efforts to upscale human resource development.

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr Limkokwing

President of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

No one can turn a blind eye to what is coming up in the future. The challenges are already forcing us to face them in order to solve them. From depleting sources of fossil fuels to the disastrous impact of climate change scientists are coming up with a variety of solutions. But between the technologists and the scientists at one end and the general public at the other, there has to be dialogue that will cascade the concerns into actions that people can embrace.

Here is where the policy makers, the implementers and the industry professionals have their role to play. These are the people who must translate what the experts are saying and weave them into the everyday life of people so they will be guided to effect the changes in their lifestyle. The East West Innovation Research Institute was established to bring two sides of the world together to enable better understanding of what needs to be done. There are experts on both sides of the world working on solutions needed in their part of the globe.

Effecting change of mindset through better understanding of global challenges

While on the one hand we wish to bring these experts together for dialogue the research institute sees its main function as one where executives from the industry side as well as senior officers of government will be given the opportunity to expand their scope of thinking.

They must see that it is their responsibility to bridge gaps in public understanding of global issues that impact their lives. We will, therefore, do the necessary to bring the various stakeholders together and piece together actions that can be cascaded into the ordinary lives of people. That we are located in London brings us close to the heart of where all kinds of innovations are taking place in the laboratories of many institutions in UK as well as the advanced economies of Europe. I am looking forward to put into practice what we have been discussing at the Institute.


Organised by Limkokwing University’s East West Innovation Research Institute at the London Campus of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, the “Sustainability +/- Collapse” Symposium investigated the question of whether sustainability itself was a sustainable concept, and whether or not its failure would necessarily incur environmental collapse.

Chair of the Symposium, Mr. Mehrdad Borna, introduced the symposium to the participants by addressing his thanks to Limkokwing University’s Founder and President Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr Lim Kok Wing for the opportunity and the gracious hosting of the symposium. Mr. Borna cited the President’s message to the East-West Innovation Research Institute, saying that the President’s words proved a perfect application to the symposium: “As a university of creative technology and innovation I consider this a most fitting location to gather you like-minded people in address of urgent global issues you shall treat today. The East West Innovation Research Institute was established to bring together the two sides of the world to enable better understanding of what needs to be done. Experts on both sides of the world must see that it is their responsibility to bridge the gaps in public understanding of global issues that impact their lives.”

Read full article on the Symposium event day.

How we can collaborate

We are able to design training packages tailor-made for specific outcomes. Training packages will include field studies, interactive discussions and location visits related to the programme. We are also able to engage with experts to provide valuable insights into directions particular industries or governments are undertaking to move their business or policies to new levels.

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